West Coast Delica Auto Imports

Comox Valley Delica Auto Imports and SERVICE

Shop Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00-17:00 (5:00PM). Closed Holidays

Closed for Christmas from December 22nd through to January 7th, 2018.


Update 26 Nov 2017 – L400 Delicas ALL currently very hard to find Clean Gas or Diesel . Long Wheel Base with Low Kms even harder. Estimate 3 to 6 Months to find LWB.

New Vehicles at Auction. Check out the auction Page here:


Sales, Service and Import of Mitsubishi Delica and other Unique vehicles

Japanese vehicles to Vancouver Island, Canada.

Comox Valley Delica Auto Imports is your source for all things Delica!

We import Japanese vehicles to Canada, specializing in the ultra-versatile, incredibly dependable 4WD Mitsubishi Delica. All of our imported vehicles are hand-picked, professionally serviced and fully guaranteed.

1992 Delica L300 Star Wagon Can Now be exported to USA, Washington State, Oregon State, California Customers LOOK!

Located in Cumberland, BC, we provide environmentally responsible transportation choices on Vancouver Island and, increasingly, further afield in Canada.

Importing a vehicle to Canada

At Comox Valley Delica, you have the option to purchase an imported Japanese vehicle from our Vancouver Island vehicle lot, import one that’s been hand-selected for you from one of our vehicle lots in Japan or have us purchase one on your behalf from an auto auction in Japan.

Though we specialize in Mitsubishi, our import service is available for any type of vehicle.

If you are looking for Parts; check out our “Service” Pull Down menu.

Delica Service and Maintenance Business Opportunity. Includes parts inventory and Large customer database. Serious Inquiries only. Time to Retire from Wrenching.

Contact us directly at 250.400.1195 for all your Delica or auto import needs.

You can also reach us by email at comoxvalleydelica@shawbiz.ca.

Check out our already-imported vehicles currently available on our Vancouver Island lot.

  1. Hi Benn, hope all is well. I sold my delica last week. It was time to get back to normal driving as my son will be driving soon. Will probably get a small beater car. My experience with the Deli has been great, thanks to you. You found and sold me a solid vehicle that I drove worry free for 2 years. It crossed the country, coast to coast, Boston, PEI on the beach,to all of my daughters hockey tournament across Ontario. Thank you Benn, all the best !!! Etienne, Vero and family… (time to be removed from your mailing list ( thank you again for everything)

  2. Looking for a white 4×4 delica

  3. Hi there looking for a delica camper van, specifically l300, crystal roof if possible with roof rack, 4×4 ready to go!

    If you have any available please get in touch.

    Thank you,


    • No Crystal Lite Delicas Found since November 2016! Mitsubishi DELICA SALES & MAINTENANCE. L400 Delicas ALL currently very hard to find Clean Gas or Diesel . Many have Frame Corrosion. I have only 2 Currently in stock. Please book an appointment to view..

  4. Hey there! I’m in Victoria and looking for a camperized Delica that has no structural rust, in good condition and will be reliable for trips to Cali and back… Anything in stock?

  5. Hi, do you sell the rear mounted mirrors. New or used. Can they be mounted to other vehicles. Thanks

  6. Hello,

    i am looking to purchase a L400 Exceed 2.8 Diesel that requires a turbo replacement. I was wondering what the cost of a new turbo for this model costs. Thank you.

  7. Hi there
    I’m interested in getting a delica.
    It doesn’t look like you have much in stock now.
    Are you able to import one for me?
    How long would that process usually take if so?

    • hi ryan, thanks for the note. the best thing is for you to start a conversation with Benn on our email at comoxvalleydelica@shawbiz.ca
      -if you want us to buy a vehicle thru the auction, you need to tell him what it is you are looking for in detail. ie L400 or L300 and what add ons you are looking for. if we are auction hunting for you we will need a $1000 deposit which will go towards the cost of your vehicle once it has been purchased.
      -if you want to locate a vehicle on craigs list or another source, we can do an inspection for you and give you recommendations as to whether it is a good purchase or not. cost for inspection will be around $85.00.
      if you happen to find one on craigs list, we would be happy to do all the required repairs and maintenance for you.

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