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Import a vehicle to Canada with Comox Valley Delica

At Comox Valley Delica, we’ll import your Japanese vehicle to Canada, deal with all the red tape and ensure it complies with all Canadian standards.
We specialize in Mitsubishi Delica imports from Japan, but can import any foreign vehicle that’s at least 15 years old.

Two ways to import a vehicle into Canada with us:

container-shipping-arrival1. Comox Valley Delica arranges the entire sale from Japan and transfer to our shop in Cumberland, Vancouver Island. We provide $3,000 worth of service for no additional cost to ensure it meets Canadian D.O.T. standards, and we proudly offer a warranty of up to a year on every vehicle we sell.

2. Comox Valley Delica arranges the sale from Japan and transfer to Vancouver only. You pick up the vehicle from the Port of Vancouver and are responsible for all customs and compliance work.

(We can also facilitate out-of-province purchases. Please contact us for details.)

On average, it takes 1 ½ to 3 months for a vehicle to arrive and reach its new owner.
These are the steps involved:

  1. You tell us what you’re looking for
  2. We find a vehicle that matches your criteria from our auction service in Japan
  3. IBC Japan buys the vehicle from auction
  4. Vehicle is inspected and the report is sent to Comox Valley Delica
  5. Comox Valley Delica decides if the vehicle fits your criteria
  6. Thumbs up from Comox Valley Delica gets the vehicle shipped to Canada
  7. Vehicle is inspected by the Canadian government
  8. Vehicle either stays in Vancouver for you to pick-up OR the vehicle is shipped to Comox Valley Delica in Cumberland, Vancouver Island.
  9. Once the vehicle reaches Comox Valley Delica it’s inspected, serviced and guaranteed by Benn before being handed over lovingly to you.

Useful links on importing a vehicle into Canada:

Landed Cost Breakdown

Auction Grading System

D.O.T. Compliance Requirements

How old must vehicle be?

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us directly at 250.400.1195 for all your Delica or auto import needs.
You can also reach us by email at

Check out our already-imported vehicles currently available on our Vancouver Island lot.

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