Auction Grading System

Exterior Grades:

Auction grades are decided using the below scale. It is worked out by adding an interior mark and an exterior mark, if it was simple as that it would be easy to understand, but there are other factors which give a car it’s grade and these can make it confusing.
For example a grade 3 car, can be very clean, but it has had some slight chassis repair, so this car looks like a grade 3.5, but has been given a lower grade.
Or a grade 4 car which has run more than 100,000 km becomes a grade 3.5.
If a car is the same grade and a different price , this is probably because it still has some registration left, before it’s next shaken. (Japanese bi-annual vehicle inspection) This means that is of higher value to someone looking to purchase and own it in Japan.
These are some of the details to consider when you are making your decision, however we take the guesswork out of most of auction vehicles by only listing what we feel are “the best quality” examples.

Interior grade
A. A car which is in very good condition.
1.) It may have a few small blemishes

B. A car which is in good condition.
1.) It may have some blemishes or small screw holes in the dash.
2.) It may have a few cigarrete burns.
3.) It may be a little dirty, but would clean up with a wash.

C. A car which is in average condition.
1.) It will have some cigarete burns, the seats will have some wear or tears, there may be some screw holesin the dashboard or small fine cracks.
2.) It will be a little dirty but if it is cleaned, it becomes a grade B.

D. A car which is lower than average condition.
1.) It will have a lot of burns, and tears that will need repair.
2.) There may be some warping in the dashboard.
3.) It will have stains that won’t clean up.

E. A car which bad condition.
1.) It will have some cracks or gaps in the dash.
2.) The interior or seats will have many stains and some sagging in the seats.
3.) The interior may smell bad.

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