D.O.T. Compliance Requirements

For a vehicle to be licensed in Canada, it must pass a Government Vehicle inspection.
It is mandatory as part of this inspection to have:

  • All light bulbs changed to Canadian Bulbs (DOT)
  • Reflective Amber and Red Side marker lights
  • DOT or “E” coded Headlights
  • Daytime Running Light Module installed, referred to as DRL
  • DOT AS* coded windows
  • Tires must have DOT stamped on them from the Mfg or have load rating indicated
  • Pictures taken from various angles, front Corner, Rear opposite corner
  • Pictures taken of Tires, Window glass and side marker lights
  • All other vehicle mechanical and safety requirement such as brakes and steering components and suspension

We do not cut any corners and comply fully with ALL inspection criteria. No exceptions!

Note: This info is supplied, to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know if anything is missing.

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