Lot Vehicles Japan

Comox Valley Delica Auto Imports Sales

Providing honest recommended import of Mitsubishi Delica vehicles and other imported Japanese autos.

Importing a Vehicle from Japan

At Comox Valley Delica, we offer import assistance advice WRT vehicles from Japan, Mitsubishi Delica and other vehicles – like the popular Toyota Land cruiser. We can assist and advise the import any model vehicle that’s at least 15 years old!

Every vehicle we source has already proven itself for 15 years before reaching Canada. We give you comprehensive repair/maintenance advice and can provide parts/DOT packages to make your vehicle Safe and pass Government Safety Inspection in Canada.

At LOT in Japan. Just Showed up?
2000 Chamonix with Lift Rack and Ladder V6
1998 Low Roof L400 Turbo Diesel 4WD Dual Sunroof

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us directly at 250.898.1195 for all your Delica or auto import needs.
You can also reach us by email at comoxvalleydelica@telus.net

Check out our already-imported vehicles currently available on our Vancouver Island lot.

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