Servicing Mitsubishi Delicas

We love the Delica and take great pride in what we do. Owner Benn Pridham is a Certified Heavy Duty Diesel / Heavy Truck Mechanic and a proud Delica owner himself.
He’s highly experienced and passionate about what he does, and you won’t find a more qualified – or honest – mechanic to service your Mitsubishi Delica.

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Contact us directly at 250-898-1195 for all your Delica or auto import needs.
You can also reach us by email at

Check out our already-imported vehicles currently available on our Vancouver Island lot.

  1. Matthew Bergsma

    Are you doing the propane injection yet?

    • Matthew Bergsma

      Hi I am looking to have some major work don on my van.  I have po purchased it recently and would like a rough estimate and the time it will take and your availability to do the work on it.  It would not be for about 2 weeks for me before I could bring it in.

        Work needing to be done is passenger window stopped working, it may need head gasket changed, it had a rad leak before and stop leak was added to the rad as well.  The ignition also sometimes is not registering properly and my lights stay on and won’t turn off.  It also has difficulty starting in cool (cold) weather.

        Breaks need some work too.

        I am also looking for a roof rack with a long basket for the top wich can be used because I think I remember reading that you do not stock them.

        Much appreciated Matthew Bergsma

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