Alternate Fuel

Enviro Facts: Older Delica L300 can run WVO engine additive without modification!

L400 Space Gear Does NOT run WVO well.  Do not use in your L400 Diesel! You will be replacing the Injection Pump within one year. The Over Flow Restriction Valve  Orifi tend to plug and the Shutoff solenoid will stick. FYI!

With the Delica L300 Star Wagon, you can run waste veggie oil up to 30/70 mix with diesel in the hot summer months without mods.

A heated filter and fuel line heater should be installed. Remember WVO is NOT bio-diesel. These are two completely different fluids. WVO is used Canola oil from restaurants that has been settled and filtered to 5 micron.

Bio diesel uses harsh chemicals to break it down and it has to be cleaned. Since we are trying to make as little of an environmental impact as possible, WVO is the better choice. Heater kits are available on and can be installed for using WVO in the colder months.

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