L400 Delica Spacegear

Parts and Problems

This section is where technical information on common problems, fixes and technical documentation is found. All is available for download in PDF form. Comox Valley Delica also provides advice on what to fix first, just give us a call or email.

L400 Manuals

Used Delica 4M40 Engines

L400 Hard to Start

L400 Corrosion Problems

Overdrive O/D Switch

L400 Spacegear come over with O/D switch not working. You DO NOT want to drive around with the O/D OFF! Engine RPMs remain very high and you will over rev the engine. Also Mileage is reduced.

  1. Replace Shift lever where switch is mounted.
  2. Install remote switch on dash (Cheaper).

L400 Delica Space Gear Injection Pump Seal

Injection Pump Seal rubber breaks down and cracks.
Indications: Vehicle stalls after start. Hard to start but runs well until next morning.
Fix: Remove IP (Injection Pump), fuel lines, Oil pump and Power steering pump. Replace IP Seal and also Oil & PS Pump seals.

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