Propane Injection

100% Diesel Combustion

So why does my Diesel smoke? Dirty EGR, plugged injectors? Maybe, but the main cause of smoking during acceleration is lack of fuel combustion. Diesel doesn’t “burn” like a gas engine.

In a Diesel engine, fuel is compressed and combusts due to pressure and heat (very basic description).

Approximately 75% combustion and 25% goes out the exhaust as un-combusted fuel. Propane Injection (PI) helps with providing combustion of that 25%. Therefore cleaner exhaust, more efficient fuel combustion, more horsepower, better winter starts and easier on the environment.

No noticeable increased engine temperatures have been observed.

Propane Injection is COMING to Delica & Diesel owners! Check back periodically on progress of propane injection.

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Check out our already-imported vehicles currently available on our Vancouver Island lot.

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